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Who Are We? What Do We Do? Why Join?
Who Are We? What Do We Do? Why Join? Stay in the education family IEANEA-Retired has nearly 10,000 members and represents ALL education retirees: Certified Educators ESPs, Higher Education and their interests and retirement issues.

Goals and Mission Statement
To be an information resource on retirement issues and concerns and to be THE advocacy organization for all retired public education employees.

Join the IEA Retired Program

Download the Retired Program Membership Form and mail it in. Fill out either the left or right portion of the bottom part of the form, depending on the date that you sign and mail the form.

Download the Retired Program Membership Form

Become a Pre-retired Member with the Life Member Program Agreement (LMPA). LMPA is ONLY available to active members; not to those already retired. This program gives the active member the option of paying $60 annually over the course of 5 years, for a retired lifetime membership. Membership is not conferred until the dues amount is paid in full.

Download the Life Member Program Agreement Form

Officer, Council and Committees list

IEA Retired Council Meeting Minutes



Chapter Websites

Retired Program Updates

Student Mentoring Program
Your years of classroom experience are valuable to our IEA Student Program. Why not share what you know with FUTURE EDUCATORS? IEA-Retired has a well-established Mentor Program just waiting for you to VOLUNTEER!

Living Library
The Living Library is a community of online file cabinets created by IEA retired and active mentors and used to support the ongoing mentoring of future and new teachers (mentees).

NEA Retired Program
IEA-Retired membership today is more than 300,000 and we continue to lead the way in public education and on critical issues.

Contact IEA Retired Program

Kim Riley
Retired Program Paraprofessional
Toll Free: (800)755-0130