Indoor Air Quality
IEA-NEA Indoor Air Quality Committee

Action and Resource Guide for Healthy Schools

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Who We Are

The IEA-NEA Air Quality/Environmental Issues: Joint Governance/Staff Task Force was created in 2005.

We are responsible for:

1. Investigating and addressing indoor air quality concerns and other environmental issues in public schools.

2. Educating Association leaders and members by advocating for implementation of the “Indoor Air Quality – Tools for Schools” programs.

3. Disseminating information about the health aspects of various chemicals, cleaners, paints, pesticides, mold, excessive moisture, and other agents that affect students and educational employees.

4. Developing a cadre of stakeholders and allies, including parents, governmental officials, environmental activists and community members who have an interest in health and environmental issues affecting pubic schools.

5. Communicating on an on-going basis with the IEA President and submiting a year end report.