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If you are new to DUEA, or have yet to be trained, we highly encourage you to sign up for the CPI class being offered this Friday the 27th at Streamwood HS. It will give you a great foundation on how to de-escalate situations as well as how to approach students in conflict. Register in Courseware.


This is not a workday for paras, but you can be paid for your time by turning in a professional growth form. Hope to see some of you there


The following is great for new DUEA members and those who need a refresher. You can be paid for your time by turning in a professional growth form. DUEA board members will be there before and after the session to answer any questions you have.
They will be wearing DUEA aqua shirts.

DUEA: DUEA Know # 1

DUEA members will receive training on Insurance Benefits, Munis, Workforce, Subfinder, and CourseWhere.

Instructor led sessions
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ESC Computer Lab Room 340



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Sick and Personal days were not on the September 13th paycheck. Payroll is working to fix the problem.

If you have a question on your paycheck, please contact payroll at ext. 2179.

DUEA will NO longer have a hotline phone number. This service will end as of September 1st. If you need to contact the union, please see your building rep, or email  DUEA President karenwesterman@u-46.org, Vice President eileenochoa@u-46.org, or any DUEA board member to assist you.

No Lunch Punches this year.
The district has hired several new members that have started in the buildings, or will in the next few weeks. If you notice new people, please welcome them, and email Irene Gallik or Karen Westerman so we can get them their DUEA Welcome Packet.


  There are  open DUEA Positions
 Postings for open positions are on the District website.
Professional Growth
Paraeducators and SLI get 30 hours of paid Professional Growth each school year.
BAL and Library Paras get 15 hours each school year.
All you need to do is print out the DUEA ProGro form
take it to your session, have the instructor sign it and than send it to HR attn: Amelia Gavina


HR is looking for paraeducator subs.  If you know of anyone who has 60 college credit hours or has passed the ETS test and doesn't want a full time job but would like to work on their schedule, have them contact HR.