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AEA-W Scholarships

March 18 is the deadline for two scholarships the AEA-W offers each year. The first scholarship is for the child/guardian of an AEA-W member that is graduating from high school who are going into any major in college.  The second scholarship is for students at West High that are graduating from high school who are going to major in Education in college.

March 13: Bowl for Kids Sake

BFKS 2015
You can still bowl or support one of our other teams. Contact Letsa Gordillo at Hall Elementary School for more information!

March 5: Feed My Starving Children
FMSC aea-w fmsc aea-w fmsc 2
Great turnout by members and their families to pack potato meal!

February 26: AEA-W General Meeting

Feb 26 General Meeting

President VanNessa Greer presented information on the AEA-W's response to the School District's restructuring plan for the 2015-2016 school year. Information was also discussed about Contract Negotiations for next year and the upcoming PARCC testing.

February Cereal Drive

Food Drive 1Food Drive 2Food Drive 3

Members collected 1135 pounds of cereal, about 1300 boxes of cereal, this February for the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry.

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Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans

Defined Benefit

A defined benefit plan is a pension plan that pays out a defined amount based upon a formula. One cannot outlive the benefit. In addition, the benefit does not change or drop when stock markets falter.

In the Teachers Retirement System (TRS), the current formula is defined as 2.2 percent times final average salary times years of creditable service.

Defined Contribution

In a defined contribution plan, like a 401(k), 403 (b), or 457 plan, only contributions are defined. The member’s benefit is not. The pension plan is determined by how well the member invests the account and market conditions at retirement. Unfortunately for some, earnings may fall short, or the member may outlive the defined contribution account.
Why change?
Defined Contribution Will Not Save Money
A few states have adopted defined contribution plans for their new employees. The savings, however, are illusory. Most of the state’s obligation to TRS is for contributions not paid during the past several decades. The deferred cost of underfunding cannot be eliminated by switching to a defined contribution scheme. In fact, it is likely that a defined contribution plan would cost more:
  • Changeover costs to a new defined contribution plan would besignificant.
  • Ongoing costs for a defined contribution plan would be much higher than a defined benefit plan and would restrict growth of the defined contribution account balance.
  • In fiscal year 2006, the expense ratio of TRS was about 0.30 percent of assets; the average expense ratio of a private sector “target-date” defined contribution retirement fund was 1.29 percent, or 4.3 times higher.
  • Defined contribution plans typically do not include real estate and private markets, assets that each earned over 20 percent last year for a well-diversified TRS investment portfolio.

Reasons to Keep the TRS Defined Benefit Plan

  • Cost.Current defined benefit plans for state and school district employees are neither excessive nor expensive.
  • Continuity.Defined benefit plans encourage long-term teaching careers.
  • Protection.Illinois teachers do not have a Social Security safety net, so the defined benefit plan is the only guaranteed protection for their retirement security.
  • Performance. TRS investment performance ranks in the top quarter of all public funds for the past 10 years.

Keep Up to Date with the Legislative Process in Springfield

IEA is constantly following the the goings-on in our state capitol. Here is the latest news at the Capitol Report.

Your IEA Membership Pays!

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