Northwest Suburban Special Education Association


The Northwest Suburban Special Education Association is the group of certificated and licensed staff and educational support professionals working in the classroom with special needs students in the
northwest suburbs of Chicago.


October 21, 2013


The Town hall meeting originally scheduled for 10/22 has been changed to 10/29


Congratulations to Jill Anderson for being named as Kirk School's Vice-Principal.

Welcome to Mary Cassin (DHH) as our new Vice-President for C/L.


Upcoming elections

December for IEA-RA Delegates

March for NEA-RA Delegates

March for Region 34 officers

Spring for NSSEA officers

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APRIL 4, 2013

Sorry for the long delay.

Check out the link to the left to read the Guidelines for questions to be presented at the Town Hall Meetings.

JUNE 22, 2012
Final elections results for 2012-2013 Officers
President - John Bialek
Vice-President - ESP - Gina Lozano
Vice-President - C/L - Jill Anderson
vote totals:  Glickman 32; Anderson 45
Secretary - Maggie Bennes
Treasurer - Erin Paisley
Membership - Chris Rhodes
Congratulations to all, and thanks for everyone's patience with the VP-C/L results!
Building Representatives/Contacts will be posted in August
Our elected delegates to the IEA-RA: John Bialek, Pam Glickman, Jill Anderson and Region 34 Ethnic-Minority Delegate Gina Lozano, will be representing you at the RA from March 15-17.
Our next election is for the NEA-Representative Assembly on March 7th. We have 3 people running for 2 slots.
Here's hoping everyone had a great vacation, wonderful holiday and happy new year!
Look for a copy of the new contract to be posted on the NSSEO website within the next two weeks.  We also hope to make it available on this website.
Congratulations to the following people elected to represent you at the 2012 IEA-RA in March: 
Gina Lozano, Region representative
John Bialek, Pam Glickman, and Jill Anderson, NSSEA representatives!
Ilene Siegel also attends the RA in her capacity as Region 34 Chair.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about the budget process is welcome to attend the Palatine Office Budget Hearing being held at 7:00 on February 1st.  For more information, ask any of your RA delegates.

Teachers are working with invalid certificates in the
State of Illinois
IEA is asking that all teachers check your status on
ECS to make sure your certificate is
currently valid and active!!!!!


 Showing solidarity on a cold, negotiations night!
Upcoming Dates
  • April 10-13 - The Illinois Education Association - Representative Assembly in Chicago
  • April 24 - Region 34 Council meeting in Palatine
  • April 28 - Special Olympics Track in Arlington heights
  • May 1 - Town Hall and NSSEA Executive Board meetings at Miner
  • May 7 - National Teacher Appreciation Day
  • June 5 (if less than 3 snow days/ June 6 (if more than 3 snow days) - LAST DAY

Check the Calendar link for other dates.


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