Chicago Adjuncts
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Tuition Waivers


One free course per semester for adjuncts


Adjunct or family living in same house can take 4 college credit courses for academic year (including summer).


Nothing in contract.

Chicago City Colleges

After three consecutive semesters, one free course.


Tuition credits equal to total classes taught, up to six per semester in undergrad courses. Family members get up to 3 credit hours.


Adjuncts who teach for at least two terms at least six hours get up to six free credit hours of class. Adjuncts who have taught at least four terms with at least 12 semester hours of academic work shall be eligible for 50% tuition remission for the adjunct's spouse or qualified domestic partner, and each dependent child under 26 on one semester hour taken at rosevelt for each semester hour subsequently taught up to a max of 12 semester hours per academic year. 

Prairie State

Adjuncts and their families may receive one free class.

College of Lake County

One free course for adjunct, family member, or dependent child up to age 23 per semester that the adjunct is teaching.

Moraine Valley

One free course per semester teaching.

South Suburban

One free course per semester teaching.


Waubonsee adjuncts are bargaining their first contract



Elgin Community College

Adjuncts, their families, and dependents under 25 will be reimbursed for all credit courses taken.

College of DuPage
Nothing in contract.