In the News ~ Oct. 3

Restore 174’s fight for District 205 school days continues – The Restore 174 movement hasn’t gone away. In fact it’s emptying its arsenal on the District 205 School Board by filing Freedom of Information Act requests, submitting grievances with the Illinois Attorney General’s office and researching legal action to get back six school days removed from the calendar following the teachers’ strike.


Galesburg Community Members Continue to Fight for Six More Days
(WMBD CBS 31 Peoria © 10/03/2014)

Galesburg community members are still pushing to get six school days back on the calendar. RESTORE 174 claims if the Galesburg school board made a final decision regarding their calendar in a closed meeting, they may have violated the Open Meeting Act. The group says they have reached out to the Illinois Attorney General to determine if that is true. This has been an on-going battle…


Joliet teacher contract includes pay hikes
(DeKalb Daily Chronicle © 10/03/2014)

Joliet Grade School District 86 teachers have negotiated a contract with wage increases of more than 3 percent. The school board Wednesday approved the three-year agreement, which provides a 3.5 percent wage increase in the first year and 3.25 percent increases in the following two years.


School Districts Challenged By Bigger Class Sizes
(WMBD CBS 31 Peoria © 10/03/2014)

It’s becoming a nationwide trend. School budgets are being tightened, and often that means teachers being shown the door, and researchers say that’s hurting the students and the staff in several ways. Student enrollments continue to climb in many parts of Central Illinois, especially in the younger grades.


Quinn: UIC receiving $17.4 million for upgrades
(Chicago Daily Herald © 10/03/2014)

The University of Illinois at Chicago is getting a $17.4 million boost to help with campus improvements. Gov. Pat Quinn said Thursday that the money comes from the state’s capital improvement funds. It’ll be used for improved climate control, electrical and plumbing upgrades, new windows and lighting and other infrastructure needs. 


Dist 299


No New Charters Next Year – Sort Of


Big news of the day — though its impact is uncertain — is that CPS won’t be approving new charter applications this year.  But as Catalyst and others point out, that doesn’t mean that new charters already approved won’t open in August 2015.  What do you think? Meanwhile, charter school advocates in NYC rallied against lack of choices in the Bronx and Brooklyn, the Denver curriculum fight continues, and Deasy may be out in LA (finally?).




CPS won’t consider new charter proposals this year Catalyst:  In addition, as many as five charter schools—the Concept school in Chatham, two UNO schools, one Learn school and an Aspira High School–that were originally slated to open in Fall of 2014 have asked the district if they could delay the opening. It is unclear what their plans are now.


CPS won’t approve any more charters to open in 2015 Chicago Sun-Times: For the first time in years — and during a mayoral re-election race the president of the Chicago Teachers Union might join — Chicago Public Schools officials said Thursday they are not planning to recommend any new charter schools to open in 2015.


CPS not taking proposals for new charter schools Chicago Tribune:  Public Schools will not be taking proposals for any additional charter schools for the 2015-16 school year, a district spokesman said Thursday.


CPS hints it may fill buildings with more than one school Chicago Sun-Times: State law mandates October 1 as the annual deadline for publishing draft guidelines; CPS CEOBarbara Byrd-Bennett’s recommendations for the actions themselves must be published by December 1.




Run, Karen, Run! The Nation: For as the mayor was channeling one black woman, he was desperately trying to neutralize the challenge of another.


Good luck finding that pot of gold Chicago Sun-Times: Among the many ideas the Chicago Teachers Union have come up with over the years to save big money or generate gobs of new revenue for our cash-strapped city, a favorite involves what they like to call “toxic” interest-rate swaps deals.


Teachers’ Union Money Talks Dropout Nation: In Chicago, the compulsory dues that the AFT’s Chicago Teachers Union deducts from paychecks amount to $1,060 per teacher a year, several hundred dollars more than go to Illinois and national combined.




Cutting higher ed costs for Chicago’s disadvantaged students PBS NewsHour: Two separate pushes were announced today in Chicago aimed at improving access to higher education among lower-income students. The moves, announced separately, will eliminate costs at one of the nation’s most elite universities and at the city’s community colleges.


A new path to college for CPS students Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel answers questions pertaining to the new Chicago Star Scholarship program for Chicago Public High School students at a press conference announcement in the Cultural Center.




Charter School Backers Rally, Hoping to Influence de Blasio’s Policies NYT: Demonstrators filled Foley Square to highlight what they said was a crisis of quality in New York City public schools. See also WNYC, ChalkbeatNY.


In Dallas Schools, Fear of Possible Ebola Exposure NYT: Parents and schoolchildren wrestled with their fears after learning that five school-age children had had contact with a man who is ill with Ebola.


School Board Wants Civil Disorder Deemphasized. Students Walk Out. NPR: For two weeks the Colorado high school students have been protesting an official’s proposal that the AP history curriculum promote patriotism and free-market economics, and not condone civil disorder. See also PBS NewsHour


John Deasy’s future Los Angeles Times (editorial page): At least two more, Steve Zimmer and board President Richard Vladovic, are independent thinkers who could be persuaded to support him more often.




Will weak teacher training ruin the Common Core? Hechinger Report: The institute is designed to get educators ready to teach the new and contentious Common Core State Standards, which will be tested in dozens of states, including Massachusetts, for the first time this school year. Around 10 a.m., about 30 teachers file into a large, too-cold hall for a session on teaching and testing the sorts of complex, multistep math problems emphasized by the Common Core.



Political News


Major business group doesn’t endorse in governor’s race
(Chicago Daily Herald © 10/03/2014)

One of Illinois major business groups has taken a pass on picking a favored candidate for governor. Winnetka Republican Bruce Rauner has worked to highlight his business background in his race against Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, but the political arm of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association decided not to back either candidate and voiced concerns about both.


GOP eyes voter rolls amid close Illinois campaign
(Chicago Daily Herald © 10/03/2014)

In a sign of how close the contest for control of President Barack Obama’s home state is expected to be, Illinois Republicans are mounting what they call an unprecedented and costly campaign to purge ineligible people from voter lists and recruit their own election judges before the November vote.


Obama helps Quinn raise campaign cash, touts economic progress
(Chicago Sun Times © 10/03/2014)

President Barack Obama raised more than $1 million for Gov. Pat Quinn’s campaign Thursday at a $50,000-a-head Chicago fundraiser, then he helicoptered to Evanston, where he told Northwestern University MBA prospects with the economy brightening on his watch, you can’t call him anti-business


GOP attacks ‘rebranded’ NRI program; Quinn ridicules claim
(Chicago Sun Times © 10/03/2014)

The ranking Republican on a legislative panel probing the failed Neighborhood Recovery Initiative accused Gov. Pat Quinn Thursday of launching a ‘rebranded’ multimillion-dollar anti-violence program designed to boost his chances ahead of next month’s election.


Rauner courts black votes with $1M investment
(Chicago Tribune © 10/03/2014)

Gregg Brown never met Bruce Rauner before the late summer day the wealthy Republican candidate for governor came calling with $1 million worth of personal checks and an army of news cameras at the offices of Brown’s tiny credit union in a South Side strip mall.


Poll: Rauner Up by Six; Topinka Up 22; Cross Up 10
(WMBD CBS 31 Peoria © 10/03/2014)

A new poll taken for a Republican candidate has Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner up by six over Governor Pat Quinn, 43 to 37 percent with 5 percent going to Libertarian candidate Chad Grimm and 16 percent undecided. Rauner is scoring 20 percent in heavily Democratic Chicago and leading Quinn in suburban Cook County 46 to 38. The poll was taken September 30th by Communication Express a…


Obama hits Chicago to stump for Gov. Quinn
(Arlington Heights Daily Herald © 10/02/2014)

Gov. Pat Quinn is getting some help from President Barack Obama as the Democratic governor seeks his second full term. Obama is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for Quinn Thursday morning before pushing his economic message during an afternoon speech at Northwestern University in Evanston.


Obama stumps for Quinn during Chicago visit
(Bloomington Pantagraph © 10/02/2014)

Gov. Pat Quinn got some help from his friend President Barack Obama on Thursday as the Democratic governor fights to hold on to his office for a second term. Obama attended a high-priced fundraiser in Chicago for Quinn, who’s in the midst of a tough and costly re-election bid against wealthy Republican businessman Bruce Rauner. The president then gave a speech about the economy at …


Republicans’ questions keep scandal alive
(Champaign WCIA (CBS) 3 © 10/02/2014)

The fight over Governor Quinn and his neighborhood recovery program continues. Republican lawmakers were in Springfield Thursday, questioning money which was cut from programs to help downstate, at-risk youth. Instead, the money was spent on the governor’s NRI program, in Chicago. The reports found several of the same contractors accused of misusing…


Governor Pat Quinn on President Obama’s Visit to Illinois
(Chicago Defender © 10/02/2014)

President Obama joined Governor Pat Quinn today at Quinn’s campaign event in Chicago. The stop was one of several during Obamas visit to Illinois. The president also gave a speech about economic recovery at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. on Thursday. Quinn said he was excited to have Obama in town supporting his re-election cam…


Rauner Blasts Obama’s ‘Anti-Business Rhetoric’ in Revealing Interview
(Chicago Press Release Service © 10/02/2014)

Barack Obama landed in Chicago last night with much fanfare – anytime the two-term president returns to his adopted city, where he remains extremely popular, a media frenzy is bound to ensue. On his agenda Thursday: Headlining a fundraiser here for Illinois’ Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, who needs the extra support in his mega-competitive, mega-expensive race against Republican rival Bruce Ra…


Rauner Unleashes Anti-Quinn Media Blitz Targeting Chicago Voters
(Chicago Press Release Service © 10/02/2014)

The same day President Obama arrived in Chicago to stump for Gov. Pat Quinn, Bruce Rauner, the deep-pocketed investor gunning to steal Quinn’s job for the GOP, unleashed a trio of new attack ads apparently targeting different segments of Windy City voters.


Obama Touts Economic Progress In Northwestern Speech, Attends Quinn Fundraiser
(Chicago WBBM 780 Radio © 10/02/2014)

(CBS) President Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit the campus of Northwestern University in 60 years as he delivered a speech on the economy there Thursday afternoon. A number of local politicians were in the audience at Cahn Auditorium, including Governor Quinn, Mayor Emanuel and Senator Dick Durbin. Obama promoted the economic progress the country has made since he too…


President’s Chicago visit for speech, fundraiser
(Chicago WGN (WB) 9 © 10/02/2014)

President Barack Obama is headlining a private fundraiser for Governor Pat Quinn Thursday in Chicago where guests paid $55,000 a plate to attend. The fundraiser is taking place at the Gold Coast home of Meredith Bluhm-Wolf. The president also will give a speech on the economy at Northwestern University. After arriving Wednesday night, President Obama had dinner at RPM Italian in the River No…


Obama stumps for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn during Chicago visit
(Crystal Lake Northwest Herald © 10/02/2014)

Gov. Pat Quinn got some help from his friend President Barack Obama on Thursday as the Democratic governor fights to hold on to his office for a second term. Obama attended a high-priced fundraiser in Chicago for Quinn, who’s in the midst of a tough and costly re-election bid against wealthy Republican businessman Bruce Rauner.


Forum: Vote Democrat, keep Illinois a closed-shop union state
(Peoria Journal Star © 10/02/2014)

Attention all union and middle class workers in this area: Election Day is rapidly approaching (Nov. 4). Now is the time to get organized and vote for our collective future. Our primary objective is to keep Illinois a closed-shop state, not a right-to-work (for less) state like Indiana and Michigan. The federal and state Democratic ticket have a solid pro-labor slate of candidates. Be sure to …


Bernard Schoenburg: The long, short of public perceptions of candidates for governor
(Springfield State Journal Register © 10/02/2014)

There were probably, I wrote in a newspaper column more than 28 years ago, many elected officials “who wish that PATRICK QUINN would have followed through on his Georgetown University School of Foreign Service undergraduate education and landed a job somewhere far, far away
GOP Claims “Slush Fund” Takes Local Money
(WAND (NBC) 17 Decatur © 10/02/2014)

The politically charged race for governor is seeing Republican lawmakers claiming the Quinn Administration is once again funneling state tax dollars into questionable Chicago programs. “Yes, I am going to use the term slush fund,” declared State Senator Dale Righter, (R) Mattoon.


Obama Takes Time Out to Remind Voters of Economic Progress
(WMAQ-TV (MSNBC ) Chicago © 10/02/2014)

Watch Live as Health Officials Discuss Texas Ebola Patient Evan Vucci / AP 1 hours Politics …


First lady hitting campaign trail for midterms
(Chicago WFLD (Fox) 32 © 10/03/2014)

A month before critical midterm elections, Michelle Obama is putting her popularity and influence to the test, trying to help elect Democratic candidates and give her husband a fighting chance to complete his agenda. Starting Friday, Mrs. Obama will ramp up her campaigning by heading to New England to …


20 Key House Races You Should Be Watching Before Election Day
(Huffpost Chicago © 10/02/2014)

With just over a month until Nov. 4, a number of congressional seats remain in play. Democrats would need to defy forecasters and net 17 seats to take back the U.S. House of Representatives, while Republicans are aiming to grow their majority to 245 seats. Neither possibility seems likely. Below, a look at some of the most competitive races that will determine just how many seats end up in each …



National News


School Board Wants Civil Disorder Deemphasized. Students Walk Out.
(WUIS 91.9 PBR (Springfield) © 10/03/2014)

Students line a busy intersection and overpass in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colo., on Sept. 25, protesting a Jefferson County School Board proposal to emphasize patriotism and downplay civil unrest in the teaching of U.S. history. Brennan Linsley AP Hundreds of Colorado high school students have walked out…


Windy City gets NFL Draft in 2015

After   years in New York City, the 2015 NFL Draft will be held in Chicago next April   and May at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. Crain’s Danny Ecker reports.

Quinn, Rauner blow smoke on pensions

Ask   Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner how they would defuse the   state’s pension time bomb, and neither seems to have a complete grasp of the problem,   let alone a realistic solution, writes Crain’s Joe Cahill.

Rauner’s $1M appeal to black voters

The Chicago Tribune takes   a closer look at the $1 million Mr. Rauner gave to a South Side credit   union as he sought to woo the black vote.

— Meanwhile, the GOP is accusing Gov. Quinn of launching a “rebranded” multimillion-dollar   anti-violence program designed to boost his re-election chances, according to the Chicago   Sun-Times.

Ken Griffin details prenup: Wife was   paid $25 million to sign

Billionaire   Citadel CEO Ken Griffin responded to claims that he used “coercion” to get his   estranged wife to sign a prenup, saying Anne Dias Griffin received $25 million   upon signing that document and $1 million every year after. Crain’s Shia Kapos has the   story.

JPMorgan Chase says data breach affected   76 million households

A   recent cyberattack compromised customer information for about 76 million households   and 7 million small businesses, including names, addresses, phone numbers and   email addresses. More from the Associated   Press.

Federal court hands Emanuel a victory   on retiree benefits

The   city of Chicago has won a federal appeals court decision allowing it to proceed,   for now, with plans to reduce subsidies for retiree health care premiums. Crain’s reports.

Canadian Pacific wants to fix Chicago   railway mess

With   his push to turn around Canadian Pacific Railway ahead of schedule, Chief Executive   Hunter Harrison has his eye on another challenge: the logistics nightmare that   is Chicago. Reuters explains   what he’s offering.

Dover buys Accelerated for $430 million

Dover   Corp., the Downers Grove-based maker of pumps and compressors, says it has bought   artificial lift pump maker Accelerated Cos. for about $430 million to strengthen   its position in the fast-growing U.S. shale market for well development. Reuters has more.

The only guide to Italian delis you’ll   ever need

Before   there was Eataly, there were Chicago’s classic Italian delis, many multigenerational   affairs started by immigrants. Crain’s has a look   at 10 that are worth a special trip.

A bittersweet (and savory) farewell to   Hot Doug’s

Chicago’s   sausage king Doug Sohn is closing up shop. First Business News has this   report on the final days of Hot Doug’s. (Click on image to launch video.)

— And a fan has this appreciation   of the encased meats emporium.


‘Flaw’ Led to Patient’s Release

The Dallas hospital treating the first diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S. suggested that a technical flaw in its electronic health-records system led to the decision not to admit Thomas Eric Duncan, who recently arrived from Liberia, on the first visit


Unemployment Dips Below 6%

New government data show the U.S. economy added 248,000 jobs in September and the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest rate in six years


Protesters Clash in Hong Kong

A pro-government mob destroyed one of Hong Kong’s democracy protest sites in Mong Kok on Friday, trashing their tents and hurling obscenities


Heroin Deaths in the U.S. Have Doubled in 2 Years

A new CDC report finds that deaths in the U.S. from heroin overdoses doubled between 2010 and 2012 in the 28 states where data was available, a sharp increase that held true for both sexes across all age groups and races, except American Indians and Alaskan natives


What to Know Before the Homeland Season 4 Premiere

Showtime’s most beloved, reviled, complex and silly series returns for its fourth season on Sunday, Oct. 5, and like every premiere before it, the new episodes pick up in the wake of some cataclysm — unstable CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is back in the field


Pentagon Unsure What to Call Its Operation Against ISIS

Top military brass still doesn’t know what, exactly, to label their operations against or related to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, about two months after first beginning the mission. Officials rejected the latest nomination: “Operation Inherent Resolve”


Protesters Arrested After Police Confrontation in Ferguson

Authorities in Missouri arrested about half a dozen protesters Thursday after days of late-night demonstrations and repeated acts of civil disobedience, marking an end to a period of relative calm after weeks of clashes following the police shooting of an unarmed teen


Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Reveal New Daughter’s Name

But, in a tease to celebrity-baby watchers, new father Ashton Kutcher declined to reveal what the newborn girl looks like, posting to a website six photos of tiny tots plus two cute animal shots. “Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter?” he asked


Poll: 2 of 3 Americans Back Strikes in Iraq, Syria

A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds nearly two-thirds of Americans back U.S. air strikes in Iraq and Syria to combat the threat from Islamic extremists, yet half also think there’s a high risk of a future terrorist attack on American soil


Facebook/WhatsApp Deal Gets Europe’s OK

The 28-nation bloc’s executive Commission said Friday it approved Facebook’s proposed $19 billion takeover of messaging service WhatsApp and that the deal may go ahead because consumers will still have a wide choice of communication apps they could use


JPMorgan Says 76 Million Households Hit by Cyberbreach

The biggest bank in the U.S. revealed in a regulatory filing Thursday that a cybersecurity breach disclosed over a month ago affected 76 million households, exposing customer names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses


Cracking Down on Hong Kong Protesters Could Boomerang on Beijing

A violent crackdown could sink China’s economy, and put pressure on the Communist party



Hong Kong Leader Offers Talks With Protesters as Scuffles Break Out

The leader of Hong Kong has agreed to open talks with pro-democracy protesters, while making clear they will take a hard line towards civil unrest



Researchers Pinpoint Origin of HIV Pandemic

The pattern of infection followed the pattern of the rainlway system around Kinshasa



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