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Illinois schools start year with 24 new mandates – State records show schools in Illinois will start the academic year having to comply with at least two dozen new statutes, or mandates from lawmakers.


Highland teachers vote to authorize strike

(KSDK – ‎September 3, 2014)

Teachers with Highland Community Unit School District #5 have voted to authorize a strike. The teachers’ contract expired Sunday, but teams for the union and the board of education have met unsuccessfully for the last five months to …


Teachers authorize strike

(Alton Telegraph ‎- ‎September 3, 2014)

“The district came to the bargaining table demanding concessions,” ShiAnne Shively, president of the Highland Education Association, said in a statement. “They wanted teachers to give up their health care, contractual retirement bonus, and accept no …


Will teachers in Highland, Ill. go on strike?

( - ‎September 3, 2014)

Shively told News 4 the current dispute centers around language in the contract that covers teacher evaluations, layoffs, and wording that protects teachers from bullying by administrators. Shively also said teachers may walk off the job because the district is …


Teachers vote in favor of strike

(Belleville News Democrat – ‎September 3, 2014)

The district’s contract with the teachers expired a the end of August. On Thursday last week, the teachers, by a 146-5 vote, authorized their bargaining team to set a strike date. However, the union has yet to do so.


Highland Teachers Vote to Strike

(Alton Daily News – ‎September 3, 2014)

Teachers in Highland are one step closer to going on strike. The contract between the teachers and the Highland Community Unit District Number Five expired Sunday. The teachers and the district have been trying to negotiate a new deal for five months …


Do your kids go to school in one of the 50 best school districts in Illinois?
(Tinley Park © 09/02/2014)

With Labor Day come and gone, Illinois is officially in back-to-school mode with students returning to classes across the state. In Illinois, there are 866 public school districts. If your kids attend public school, do you know how strong the school district is? Is it one of the best in the state?


District 220 appears to have moved beyond class size issue
(Chicago Daily Herald © 09/03/2014)

The first day of class enrollment numbers have been tallied and it appears that parents’ concerns about class sizes at Barrington Area Unit School District 220 Elementary schools have been satisfied. According to a presentation by district statistician Ben Ditowsky at the district’s public meeting Tuesday night, just two elementary school class rooms are above district guidelines.


Number of District 186 students kept out of class for missing shots, physicals plunges
(Springfield State Journal Register © 09/03/2014)

The Springfield School District excluded 283 students on Tuesday due to missing proof of immunizations and physicals, which is dramatically fewer than the 740 students kept from school on exclusion day last year. School board president Mike Zimmers noted at Tuesday’s board meeting that transportation and a lack of a family physician can keep families from seeking the state-required immunizations …


Neoga school board sets special session
(Mattoon Journal Gazette © 09/02/2014)

The Neoga school board has called a special meeting for tonight to discuss options for the upcoming superintendent search. The board will meet at 6 p.m. today at the Neoga Grade School. Superintendent Charles Castle is scheduled to retire at the end of this school year, and the board plans to hear an update and continue discussions about the Illinois Association of School Board …


EDITORIAL: CPS can cheer, but challenges remain
(Chicago Sun Times © 09/02/2014)

This Sept. 2, opening day for the Chicago Public Schools, is a day to celebrate recent academic growth ‘but also to look honestly at the huge challenges ahead. In the week leading up to opening day, CPS and the mayor’s office made sure to spread the good news: Attendance, ACT scores, freshman pass rates and graduation rates are all on the rise. While the current administration can claim s…


CPS students — and politicians — head back to school
(Chicago Tribune © 09/02/2014)

More than 400,000 students headed back to Chicago public schools today, and many had politicians on hand to welcome them to class. The time-honored tradition of officials ringing school bells on the first day of the year takes on added importance for them heading into election campaigns as they seek support and to highlight their education work and this year is no exception. …


Dist 299


2nd Day Of School – Let The Protests Begin!


The first day of school was pretty uneventful, according to news accounts of the day.  That is, aside from the stabbing outside Burnside.  But there are lots of days left to come, and it’s already protest time for LSNA and CTU President Karen Lewis. Meantime, one of her predecessors, Debbie Lynch, is on WBEZ talking about the new year and the changes it brings, and there are just 12 students enrolled at Dyett (for what?).


First day of school WBEZ: What’s the biggest issue facing CPS students? Safety? Class size? And is there any merit to eliminating homework for K-8 students? Former president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Dr. Deborah Lynch, shares what she believes CPS is doing right and where they could use some improvement.


CPS students — and politicians — head back to school Clout St.: More than 400,000 students headed back to Chicago public schools today, and many had politicians on hand to welcome them to class.


Mayor Emanuel and CPS CEO Byrd-Bennett Ring In The First Day Of School eNews Park Forest: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett today celebrated the first day of school at Penn Elementary School. The Mayor walked students to class on a Safe Passage …


Female stabbed outside Burnside elementary school Sun Times Voices: A person was stabbed outside an elementary school in the South Side Burnside neighborhood Tuesday morning, the first day of school for Chicago Public Schools students. The female was cut in the face with an “unknown object” during an argument with …


Chicago school year begins with more safety guards Sun Times: Chicago children will walk past even more guards on their first day of school than last year, when concerns about safety prompted the city to line the streets with 1,200 adults every day.


New school year brings changes to Gresham Chicago Sun-Times: Ultimately, the decision to move forward with the turnaround plan fell to Chicago Public Schools CEOBarbara Byrd-Bennett, who appeared Tuesday morning with Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Penn Elementary School.


Karen Lewis’ mayoral exploratory committee launches online effort WLS-TV: It looks more and more like the head of the Chicago Teachers Union wants to be the head of Chicago. An exploratory committee for Karen Lewis has launched an online effort, recruiting volunteers to circulate petitions to get her name on the mayoral ballot.


12 students enrolled in final year at Dyett High School WLS-TV: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett said in a written statement that CPS supports students’ decision to stay at Dyett and will “provide them the education needed to ensure they graduate prepared for the future.”


Karen Lewis to Attend Logan Square’s First Schools Rally of the Year DNA Info: The Logan Square Neighborhood Association said its 10 schools have seen $3 million in budget cuts.




NAEP scores indicate cost of missing school EdSource Today: Fourth- and 8th-grade students who reported more absences from school had poorer scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), generally referred to as the nation’s report card, in reading and math in 2013, according to a report released Tuesday.


A Lesson In How Teachers Became ‘Resented And Idealized’ WNYC: Goldstein tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “And teaching was something that was discussed again and again as a potential fix — a fix for inequality, something that could help poor children achieve like middle-class children and close these socioeconomic gaps that we’re so concerned about as a nation.”


Active Role in Class Helps Black and First-Generation College Students, Study Says NYT: A study of college students found that the trend toward more class participation, and away from a traditional lecture-based approach, raised average test scores, with bigger gains for some.


John Oliver And Cookie Monster, On The News Beat NYT: Sharing the anchor desk of W-ORD News, Oliver and Cookie Monster banter about the silent “b” in crumb and puzzle over the length of the word “abbreviation.” In another highlight, Roker adapts his forecast to warn of the arrival of the word “hangry” across most of the Midwest this week.




State’s charter-school era begins with Seattle elementary Seattle Times: First Place Scholars, which has been serving homeless students for 25 years, will convert Wednesday from a private school to the state’s first taxpayer-funded charter school.


Vergara decision headed for appeals court KPCC:  Putting the tentative and final rulings side by side, each 16 pages long, it’s difficult to see any major changes, besides the dates they were filed. Treu left “TENTATIVE DECISION” at the bottom of each page in the document filed as his final ruling. See also TeacherBeat.


L.A. schools Supt. Deasy defends his dealings with Apple, Pearson LA Times:  Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy on Tuesday issued his most extensive and passionate defense yet of his actions involving Apple and Pearson, the companies that received the major contract in a $1.3-billion technology program.


New Schedule in NYC Schools Makes Time for Teaching the Teachers NYT: City schools are taking 150 minutes that was used mostly for helping students and repackaging it to help teachers improve their craft, and contact families. But who really benefits – students or teachers?


Newark Launches ‘Safe Passages’ Transportation Program for Students District Dossier: The transportation plan includes a shuttle bus service for some students and maps showing safe walking routes.


New York Cancels or Postpones Opening of 45 Pre-K Programs NYT: Nine sites that would have served 265 students will not open because of safety concerns or other issues, officials announced two days before the first day of school.



Political News


Rauner wears $18 watch, but belongs to $100,000 wine club
(Chicago Sun Times © 09/03/2014)

Bruce Rauner on Tuesday that he indeed belongs to an elite wine club that costs $100,000 to join. The question came after a weekend report republished a photo taken by Montana Pioneer’s David Lewis. In it, Rahm Emanuel is holding an elite bottle of wine, that can only be bought through a wine club, which it costs $100,000 to join.


Rauner Admits Belonging to $140,000 Wine Club
(Chicago Press Release Service © 09/02/2014)

9/2/14: When asked Tuesday if he’s part of a $100,000 wine club, Bruce Rauner laughed and said, “I am a member of many clubs.” He then confirmed that yes, he belongs to the club. As Governor Pat Quinn begins what many are calling a campaign stunt ‘living on minimum wage for a week ‘his opponent, Republican Bruce Rauner, admits he is a member of a wine club that costs $140,000 …


GOV RACE: Jeb Bush Coming to Campaign for Rauner; Quinn’s ‘Minimum Wage Week’ Taking Hits
(WJOL-1340 Joliet © 09/03/2014)

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is headed toward Illinois. He’ll be in Chicago on September 18th raising money for Bruce Rauner. Rauner is in a heated race for governor. Polls have him and Governor Quinn in a near dead heat. Bush will speak at the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Tickets are going for as much as five-thousand-dollars. Meanwhile, Governor Quinn is being criticized for his efforts …


Bruce Rauner seems to think Illinois voters are gullible and he’s probably right
(Murphysboro American © 09/03/2014)

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and House Speaker Mike Madigan are powerful Democratic politicians. They don’t, however, have the power to overrule the state Supreme Court. But Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner wants voters to think Quinn and Madigan do have the power to checkmate the state high court. He’s blaming them for a court ruling that removed a term-limits referendum from the November…


SALMAGUNDI: Is Rauner what’s best for Illinois?
(Streator Times-Press © 09/02/2014)

There’s nine weeks to go in the campaign, and so far it seems the best Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner can offer voters is a variation of, “Hey, at least I’m not that other guy.” For Rauner, the Republican, there’s a chance that might work. Quinn and his fellow Democrats have failed thus far in attempts to portray Rauner as an out-of-touch millionaire.


Our View: Regular fumigation required
(Crystal Lake Northwest Herald © 09/03/2014)

More than five years ago, when Illinois was embroiled in the Gov. Rod Blagojevich impeachment process, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn boiled his solution to the corruption scandal down to one word: fumigate. “We have to fumigate state government,” Quinn told a Chicago civic luncheon in late 2008. “We need to fumigate state government,” Quinn told reporters on a different occasion.


Pat Quinn: Chris Christie Is ‘On The Wrong Track’ On Minimum Wage
(Huffpost Chicago © 09/02/2014)

Gov. Pat Quinn (D-Ill.) made the case for a minimum wage hike and hit back at Republican governors from whom he’s garnered criticism during a Tuesday HuffPost Live appearance. Quinn is currently taking the “Minimum Wage Challenge” and living on $79 over seven days, a number he arrived at after removing taxes, housing and transportation costs from a week’s worth of wages. “There’s something jus…


Rauner criticizes Quinn on veterans
(Bloomington Pantagraph © 09/02/2014)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is going after Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn’s record on veterans. Rauner says a lack of economic growth under Quinn’s administration has led to high unemployment among veterans. He also alleges patronage hiring has left out job candidates who are veterans. He didn’t provide an estimate of how many or detail examples.


Governor candidates talk wages, vets
(Chicago Daily Herald © 09/03/2014)

The candidates for Illinois governor kicked off the post-Labor Day campaign season Tuesday, with Gov. Pat Quinn publicizing his efforts to live on a minimum wage budget and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner hammering the Chicago Democrat’s record on veterans. With roughly two months until the November contest, the candidates are expected to ramp up efforts in one of the most


In cutting new campaign ad, Quinn mows his lawn
(Chicago Sun Times © 09/03/2014)

All that was missing were the plaid shorts and black socks. Gov. Pat Quinn is using his latest TV ad to put forward an everyman image, showing the governor cutting his front yard just like he’s ‘cutting’ government excess. ‘When I became governor, state government needed to be cut, just like my lawn.


Sen. Brady: Quinn’s minimum wage challenge a ‘publicity stunt’
(WJBC AM 1230 Bloomington © 09/03/2014)

Gov. Pat Quinn plans to live on $79 this week to demonstrate how hard it is for people who make a minimum wage. State Sen. Bill Brady, R-Bloomington, isn’t impressed.


Quinn living on bananas for breakfast in minimum wage challenge
(WJBC AM 1230 Bloomington © 09/03/2014)

Gov. Pat Quinn is in Day 3 of living on a minimum wage budget. The budget is $79 for the week, which he says is what a full-time worker has after housing, transportation and taxes. He’s eating light. “I had a banana …


Opinion: Quinn’s Empty Minimum Wage Gesture
(Chicago Press Release Service © 09/02/2014)

Panel Recommends City Minimum Wage Hike Group says raising Chicago’s minimum wage to $13 an hour would increase earnings for about 410,000 people and inject nearly $800 million into the Chicago economy


Digging up political dirt? That’s their job
(WBEZ 91.5 (Chicago) © 09/02/2014)

Brace yourself, citizens: September is the unofficial start of campaign season. You’re about to be spun by dueling poll numbers, attack ads and conflicting messages in multiple guises. This week, WBEZ is taking you behind the scenes to meet the practitioners of politics’ dark arts –


Poor pick for Prisoner Review Board
(Belleville News-Democrat © 09/03/2014)

In Illinois, no one should be surprised that state Sen. James Clayborne, D-Belleville, used his clout to get a personal friend appointed to the high-paying Prisoner Review Board. Insider appointments happen routinely in our state. Gov. Pat Quinn initially wanted to give this job to a former Democratic representative who voted to raise state income taxes.


Emanuel to Sign Minimum Wage Executive Order
(Chicago WMAQ (NBC) 5 © 09/03/2014)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to sign an executive order that requires city contractors and subcontractors to pay employees a $13-an-hour minimum wage. …



National News


A Lesson In How Teachers Became Resented And Idealized
(WUIS 91.9 PBR (Springfield) © 09/02/2014)

As students return to school, the national dialogue on controversies surrounding teacher tenure, salaries, the core curriculum, testing and teacher competence will get …


As Students of Color Surpass Whites, A Closer Look at Numbers
(WMAQ-TV (MSNBC ) Chicago © 09/02/2014)

As American K-12 students go back to school this fall, the U.S. Department of Education projects that for the first time, students of color will comprise a larger percentage of public school students than white students. Out of 50 million projected public school students, only 49.7 percent will be white, while the other 50.3 percent will be African American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander,


Study: Playing music helps sharpen kids’ brains
(Mattoon Journal Gazette © 09/02/2014)

The founder of a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that provides free music lessons to low-income students from gang-ridden neighborhoods began to notice several years ago a hopeful sign: Kids were graduating high school and heading off to UCLA, Tulane and other big universities.


Mom of autistic girl pleads guilty to child abuse
(Southern Illinoisan © 09/02/2014)

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) ‘A northern Michigan woman accused of trying to kill her autistic 14-year-old daughter after describing in an online blog the family’s struggles to raise her pleaded guilty Tuesday to first-degree child abuse. Kelli Stapleton, 46, entered the plea the day before she was scheduled for trial in Benzie County Circuit Court on a charge of attempted murder ‘a year after…



Who’s Who in Chicago Business

When   it comes to Chicago’s power brokers, these are the names you need to know. Crain’s annual list   ranks more than 500 movers and shakers in business, government, philanthropy   and more.

Jeb Bush to campaign for Rauner

Former   Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is coming to Chicago later this month, an action likely   to help GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner fill his campaign coffers and   boost speculation that Mr. Bush is interested in running for president in   2016. Crain’s Greg Hinz has   more.

— Meanwhile, Mr. Rauner confirms   his membership in a $100,000 wine club.

Anne Dias Griffin claims ‘coercion’   when signing prenup

Anne   Dias Griffin is asking the court to rescind her prenup with billionaire   husband Ken Griffin and award her an “equitable share” of the marital   property, as court papers detail the days leading up to their wedding. Crain’s Shia Kapos   reports.

It’s not too late for these   struggling companies

Time   is running out for businesses still hoping to make something out of 2014. But Crain’s Joe Cahill   outlines how companies, from Boeing to United, can still turn a   lousy year into a good one.

Garmin maps its exit from   Magnificent Mile

Garmin,   best known for its GPS devices, has hired Stone Real Estate to look for   tenants to sublease its shop at 663 N. Michigan Ave., sources tell Chicago   Real Estate Daily.

ADM selling global chocolate   business to Cargill

ADM’s   $440 million deal with rival Cargill is the biggest yet in Cargill’s effort   to increase its chocolate making footprint. More from Reuters and   the Associated Press.

The next big thing in fashion media   has Chicago ties

Crain’s talks   with Long Grove native Amy Levin, founder of CollegeFashionista. She turned a   pet project launched while studying at Indiana University into a major online   destination that’s courted by the same brands that buy pages of ads in Vogue   and Glamour.

Sticky battle pops up over Garrett’s   Chicago Mix

A   Minnesota company is taking on Garrett Popcorn Shops and two other companies,   alleging that they are infringing on a trademark by branding their caramel-   and cheese-flavored popcorn the Chicago Mix. The Chicago Tribune has   more.

As tobacco sales go up in smoke, CVS   morphs into CVS Health

The   retail chain and pharmacy-benefits manager today unveils the new moniker CVS   Health, coinciding with the sale of its last tobacco product at its 7,700   pharmacies. Will the move help it lure more customers from Walgreen and other   pharmacies? The Wall Street Journal   takes a look.

Body cameras for Chicago police?

At   a time when police-involved shootings have become a hot-button issue across   the country, the Chicago Police Department is considering whether to outfit   officers with body cameras as part of a pilot program. The Tribune reports.


‘We Will Not Be Intimidated’

President Barack Obama vowed Wednesday to bring the Islamist militants who executed American journalist Steven Sotloff to justice. “Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long,” he said


Obama’s Immigration Gamble

The President is weighing whether to postpone a self-imposed deadline to make unilateral changes to immigration laws as midterm elections draw near


Putin Calls on Rebels to Halt

Russia’s President called on separatists in eastern Ukraine to “stop advancing” and urged Ukraine’s army to withdraw amid confusion over cease-fire reports


Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, never afraid of attention, signs the NFL’s first openly gay player to the practice squad, giving Sam the chance that his strong preseason performance warrants — and bailing the league out of a regrettable move — writes TIME’s Sean Gregory


CVS Quits Cigarettes Ahead of Schedule

The retailer, which changed its corporate name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health, announced that it yanked cigarettes and other tobacco products from shelves at 7,600 stores nationwide, beating its original goal set in February for ending sales by Oct. 1


Colleges See LGBT Students as Growth Market

A growing number of campuses are launching targeted programs like college fairs and student-support offices to attract and hold on to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, who are becoming more visible as overall enrollment flattens out


Brittany Murphy’s Dad ‘Disgusted’ at Lifetime Biopic

The Brittany Murphy Story hasn’t even aired yet and it’s already sparked a feud as Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, began speaking out against the project after clips and teasers for the TV movie about the late actress’ life were released and mocked


Report: NFL Suspends Broncos’ Welker for 4 Games

Wes Welker, the Denver Broncos’ wide receiver, was reportedly suspended for four games after testing positive for amphetamine, a banned performance-enhancing drug, in May. The Broncos open the NFL season with a Sunday game against the Indianapolis Colts


Cancer Charity Returns Redditors’ Bad Taste Donations

The Prostate Cancer Foundation returned all money donated via a post on the website Reddit that was designed to make a joke about leaked naked images of Jennifer Lawrence and a slew of other famous women hacked from the women’s Apple iCloud accounts


Experts to Jumpstart Ebola Drug Trials as Crisis Worsens

More than 100 scientists and industry executives will convene this week at the World Health Organization in Geneva with an urgent mission to comb through the world’s stock of experimental Ebola treatments and then agree on a plan for clinical trials


Airbnb Sued by Users in New York City for Breach of Privacy

Some 25 people with apartments listed on the website Airbnb are suing the company to prevent what they claim is a breach of privacy. The company released its user data to New York City authorities investigating suspected housing and rental violations



The Washington Post


Ukraine: Truce progress made after Putin chat

Michael Birnbaum and Annie Gowen

The Russian president said he believed that he and the Ukrainian president were broadly in agreement about the terms.


Obama to Islamic State: ‘We will not be intimidated’

The president sharpened his tone against the terrorist group that released a video showing the execution of U.S. journalist.


The bloodlust behind the Islamic State’s beheadings

How much is strategic? How much just sadistic?


Is following dad’s footsteps enough?

Democrat Michelle Nunn’s strategy to make former senator Sam Nunn a centerpiece in her Senate campaign will test the enduring value of her family name in Georgia.


N.C. men cleared of murder after 30 years in prison


Puppy-kicking CEO forced to step down


West Africa’s last line of defense against Ebola: the thermometer

In Sierra Leone, authorities use a very simple tool to fight the spread of an in­cred­ibly complex disease.


Chris Cooley, Bob Costas get heated in debate about Redskins’ name on ESPN

SPORTS BOG | The ex-player and broadcaster sparred on an episode of “Outside the Lines” on the name.


A lot of people don’t like the Comcast-Time Warner merger

THE SWITCH | Comments have poured in against the deal, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be approved.


Polished D.C. insider to lead The Post

New publisher Frederick J. Ryan Jr. is known for his finesse in maintaining relationships.


Christie’s Atlantic City dream erodes as nearly new Revel Casino closes

The N.J. governor called Revel a “turning point” in 2012. Now it’s part of a casino implosion in the city.


How to help your college kid succeed. (Hint: Stop being a helicopter parent.)

ON PARENTING | Here’s another hint. Don’t call the college president if your kid has a complaint.


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