Vote postponed on proposed special-ed rule change

IllinoisThe Illinois State Board of Education Thursday postponed a scheduled vote on a proposal to eliminate rules that limit the percentage of special education students that can make up a general education classroom to no more than 30 percent. Also being considered is elimination of the cap on special education class sizes.

Heavy opposition to the changes kept ISBE from voting Thursday.

“More than 5,500 people contacted the state board on this matter. Nearly all of them opposed the changes and a great many of them were our members,” Klickna said.

“Once again, IEA members stood up for their students and for education quality. We should all be proud of that,” she added.

President Klickna ISBE testimony 9-19 (as written)

State Board of Education Spokeswoman Mary Fergus said the board needs more time to further discuss the proposals and that it’s uncertain when the board will revisit the issue.

Despite the postponement, the board received testimony opposing the proposed changes from IEA President Klickna, other IEA teacher-members, as well as from parents and special education advocates.

VIDEO: IEA President Cinda Klickna

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