Take a moment to say “thanks” to those who voted against SB 1

voteWe would like to invite you to take a moment to thank the members of the Illinois House of Representatives who recently voted “no” on SB 1, the incredibly damaging pension bill that narrowly passed the House on a 62-51 vote.

It has not yet been brought before the Illinois Senate for a vote.

SB 1 would unilaterally reduce pension benefits for current workers and retirees in all state retirement systems, except judges. Among other things, the bill would:

  • Increase the retirement age for employees under 45 years old.
  • Cut or delay Cost of Living Adjustments.
  • Increase employee contributions by 2 percent of salary.
  • Cap pensionable salary for Tier 1 employees.
  • Eliminate the subject of pensions for collective bargaining.
  • Change the effective rate of interest for SURS.
  • Fail to provide for a solid contractual guarantee for the funding of the pension systems.

Please scroll down to see if your representative was one of the 51 lawmakers who stood against this damaging plan floated by House Speaker Mike Madigan. If you aren’t sure who your legislator is, click here http://www.ieanea.org/legislative/contact-your-legislators/.

Here is a suggested message:

“I am a member of the Illinois Education Association and would like to thank you for voting against SB 1 in the Illinois House.

The bill would be incredibly damaging to all of us in the pension systems who have never missed a payment and who rely on our pensions for survival in retirement. Most of us receive no Social Security.

I appreciate your “no” vote.”

The list of lawmakers who voted “no:”