House passes pension-cutting SB1 – Call your senator!

The Illinois House on Thursday passed Speaker Michael Madigan’s proposal to cut benefits for active public employees and retirees who participate in TRS, SURS and other state pension systems that do not include judges.

The measure, an amendment to Senate Bill 1, needed 60 votes. It passed 62-51 and will arrive in the state senate next week.

IEA members are urged to contact their state senators and insist that oppose SB1. SB1 Fact Sheet_5-2-13.

Click here or call toll-free at 888-412-6570.

Here is the statement from the labor coalition:

May 2, 2013

We Are One Illinois Statement on House Passage of Senate Bill 1

The following statement is attributable to the We Are One Illinois coalition:

“Senate Bill 1 is unfair to the active and retired teachers, nurses, police, and other employees who paid out of every paycheck to fund their pensions, even as the state shorted its share. On top of that, it is blatantly unconstitutional and thus saves nothing. It simply exacerbates Illinois’ fiscal problems. In contrast, our coalition had a productive meeting today with President John Cullerton, and we hope to be able to continue the dialogue.”



    Please oppose SB1.

  2. Dianne Kain says:

    Public employees never had an opportunity to participate in Social Security. They have given their money with good faith. The State of Illinois has stolen that money. It is unfair that the public employees will be cheated after giving their time and talent to the Illinois citizens. Please do the right thing. Save the retirement of all Illinois public employees. Find a solution to resolve the State of Illinois problems without cheating the public employees.

  3. Presently 80% of retires live in Illinois, with this change that will drop as we retires leave! Way to go guys, the State will loose more than it will gain if you do this.