Act to stop proposed special ed changes

State Illinois SealThe Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)  has voted to propose elimination of its rule, Section 226.730, which limits the number of special education students which can be placed in both general education and special education classrooms. If ISBE’s proposal becomes law, it would mean there would be no state limit on the number of students with disabilities that school districts could place in either type of classroom.

IEA opposes the elimination of the Section for at least the following reasons:

  • IEA believes that the current rule should not be changed because the existing rule serves as a parameter for class size ratios.
  • IEA believes the current rule serves as a protection for our teachers from unnecessary and arbitrary class assignments.
  • IEA also believes that the current 70/30 ratio helps to ensure that all students receive the appropriate support and accommodations to achieve academic success.

We all know that class size matters most for those students who have special needs. One of our biggest concerns is that students continue to receive the necessary support to be successful.

Please take a few minutes and send an email or (or a regular mail letter) for public comment to oppose these changes. Let the State Board know how these changes will negatively impact the learning of general and special education students in your  classroom

Send your comments to ISBE. DON’T POST THEM HERE. The deadline is April 22, 2013. Send your comment now:

Email address:

Mailing address: Shelley Helton Agency Rules Coordinator, 100 North 1st Street-S-493 Springfield, Illinois 62777

Watch a video with IEA Director of Government Relations , Jim Reed.

Click here to read the Rule as proposed: