We Are One Illinois announces pension plan to boost revenue, close loopholes

We-Are-One-IllinoisLeaders of the We Are One Illinois coalition released studies today to shed light on the devastating, unfair and unconstitutional pension cuts in the “Quinn plan” and to detail the recommendation of the group, which includes IEA, to address Illinois’ fiscal dilemma.

Read the press release here:  We Are One Illinois press release

VIDEO: We Are One Illinois calls for revenue to address pension problem


See the document here: We Are One Illinois White Papers

Two press conferences were held on the subject, one in Chicago and one in Springfield.

Q & A with IEA President Cinda Klickna



  1. The Illinois Senate will apparently be in session and holding some committee meetings on Jan. 3 and 4. So anyone coming to Springfield can still try to meet with your State Senator. And you can drop off messages to the Representatives’ Statehouse offices too. Also, keep contacting the legislators at their home offices. They can run but they can’t hide.

  2. Bob Haisman says:

    Amazzzzzing! Tell me honestly….What is so scarey about teachers? The agenda for the “Lameduck” session is packed with from everything from Gay Marriage to an Assault Weapon Ban …. but the “leadership” of the General Assembly canceled sessions on January 3rd and 4th …….for no good reason that I can discern except that the Cowards don’t want to meet with the Teachers – Active and Retired who are unhappy about the Pension “Non-Reforms” they are considering! “WE Are One” scheduled 1-3 and 1-4 -13 for teachers to travel to Springfield to speak our minds to the legislature and the Chickens run and hide!!! Amaaaazzzzing! Exceptionally busy six days but these cowards cancel TWO WHOLE DAYS the very days teachers are coming to see them! Profiles in courage they are NOT! Ammmmmmazzizzzng that those Kinder-garden teachers and High School English teachers make Legislators duck for cover! The Cowards! They want to cut our pensions but not look us in the eye and admit it! Please come to Springfield on January 2nd and 3rd anyway — don’t allow Mike Madigan spoil our party! Madigan – The Grinch who tried to steal the voice of teachers! bob haisman, retired teacher

  3. Bill Harshbarger says:

    Teachers don’t owe taxpayers concessions. Since 1945 (See the history of pensions) the taxpayers have not been keeping up with the actuarial funding of teacher pensions. It’s like not paying your mortgage for 67 years and then announcing that the bank should be barred from collecting any collateral or foreclosing on any property.
    Every legislator and every governor is complicit in creating the actuarial deficit. Each winked an eye and gave the taxpayers a pass. And the taxpayers got a free ride for over 60 years.
    The truth is this:
    Illinois did not create this deficit in one year and we don’t have to pay it off in one bite.
    AND teachers already made their payments.
    AND teachers in many schools worked for embarrassingly low salaries in order to save taxpayers.
    AND teachers have paid taxes on their incomes and still pay taxes on their retirement incomes
    Maybe, in the interests of fairness and even justice, it’s time for the other taxpayers to step up.

    • So true, Bill. For years we teachers have not requested substantial pay increases because we were aware of the State’s financial crisis, and we did not want to burden our districts even further. We HAVE MADE sacrifices. This can’t be corrected overnight, but it’s time to look elsewhere for a solution.